Some unidentified watermarks in the Düben collection

Most of the types of watermarks in the Düben collection in Uppsala that Bruno Grusnick labeled "Dresdner" or "mitteldeutscher" has been identified with deserving help from Andrea Lothe, Deutsches Buch- und Schriftmuseum, DBS, Leipzig.

Still the following ten watermarks are not identified.

Please contact me at if you know anything about them.

Photos of watermarks
UUB caps. No., composer, part
29:21 Monteverdi B c

Star (six points) vertically and horizontally positioned.

As described in Eineder (1960) as items No. 1662-1663 these two variants occur in a much later date (1829-3) on paper with Galician origin - today's SE of Poland.

57:2 Pallavicino/Albrici V 2 Horn, with baldric, concave opening
42:10 Anonymous Viola II Snakes on shaft/sword, letters: WP(?)
39:11 Anonymous Canto primo Mark with Hermes cross, letters MM H
40:13 Anonymous Title Flowerpot with lilies

35:22 Theile B

Coat of arms with letters: CXM (?)

Watermark and countermark

35:22 Theile Organo

WM: Coat of arms with letters: MB (?)

CM: Mark with Hermes cross, letters: CB MM

42:6 Albrici C

It seems that this could be a foolscap's head with the typical marked C-shaped collar (lower left side of the picture).

The other six parts of 42:6 have heads or lower parts of foolscap/7 watermarks. A new local study may solve this problem.

30:2 Peckel Canto 1 ?

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