Augustinian, Jesuit and other orders in Prague in the 17th century

Of the about one hundred churches in Prague, perhaps some of the following belong to the musical milieus were Albrici worked.

"Block", church Church, convent etc. Comment


Clementinum Salvation church Built 1576-1659
Italian chapel (= Marie Ascension?) Built 1590-1600
Clemens church From 1711-18, today Greek-orthodox
Jesuit college Grounded 1556
Jesuit Clementine University ?
St. Nicolas-church Jesuit college After the Habsburg Counter-Reformation victory of the old Protestant service house on Malá Strana replaced by a huge Jesuit church.

The immense Jesuit College dates from 1674-90.

St. Ignatius Performed 1665-70 by Carlo Lurago and D. Orsi at Karlovo námesti (Charles Square) as the Jesuits College baroque church of the New City (Nové Mesto).
Bethlehem chapel 1627 the Jesuits took over the ownership of the church (Counter-Reformation). The church was demolished 1786. Its rebuilt after 164 years also explains the great importance in the Czech history. 1950-54 a reconstruction was performed after the old original shape.


Charles court -
Saint Augustinian monastery Convent ordained by Charles IV for the Augustinian choristers.
Marie Ascension The special octagon shaped central church building was 1377 after a temporary extended with Maria Ascension and Charles the Great.
Charles the Great
St. Catherine Of the in 1355-67 for the Augustinian abbesses performed original convent building only the gothic bell tower remains, which 1737-41 was complemented with a new erected baroque part under Dientzenhofer and Kanka.

Today the Lapidarium of Prague City Museum.

1715-30 a monastery and hospital was performed under Kanka.

St. Thomas Augustinian monastery 1283 the own parish church of the new part of the town Malá Strana was consecrated attended to Saint Nicholas.

Parallel in time, on a huge area quite near, an Augustinian monastery and a church to St. Thomas was performed.

The Knights of the Red Cross

Franciscus Seraphicus church Monastery

Performed in the 12nd part of the 13th century. At the end of the 15th century the monastery belonging to The Knights of the Red Cross at the Charles Bridge was expanded and rebuilt. Carl Antonio Carlone (d. 1708) and Francesco Caratti (d. 1679) raised the church 1679-89. Jean Baptiste Mathey performed an important dome in the baroque style.

Perhaps 11 more compositions by Albrici can be found somewhere in Prague.


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